One of my favourite ways to cook is in a ramekin. I used to have a colourful set of four last year when I lived in Freetown, but since I’ve lived in Juba I haven’t been able to bake much of anything because I haven’t had anything to do it in.

Fortunately that’s going to change after having spent the last two weeks in Nairobi where I was able to fill an entire suitcase with some essentials – including a new blender and two ramekins.

This led me to trying out the 1 Hour Vegan Pot Pie recipe from my absolute favourite blogger, Minimalist Baker, and the inspiration for this blog (hence the play on the name).

I tend to steer away from vegan recipes because I can’t get enough cheese or yogurt but in this case I followed the recipe for the pot pies exactly, minus the bay leaves which I don’t have. I used a mixture of peas and carrots, purchased last weekend at the Nairobi Organic Farmers Market, and zucchini I had frozen a few weeks ago purchased right here in Juba (although likely imported from Uganda, as most fruits/veggies are here).

The Best Vegan Biscuit Recipe was less vegan in my version and more buttery because I don’t have non-dairy butter (I wouldn’t want to either thanks to memories from living in Paris!) but they still turned out perfect, even so.

Here’s how it all looked:

And I have lunch tomorrow!


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