A near impossibility in South Sudan – unless you have access to the UNMISS commissary (like a duty free store) in Juba which occasionally stock frozen blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. At what cost you may be curious to know? A 450g bag for $6.

Today’s recipe came from a quick scan of Pinterest using the words “blueberry square cake.” Why these words? I baked this for a staff BBQ this afternoon and assumed a number of my colleagues were also feeling deprived of blueberries.

Pinterest brought me to Cookies and Cups’ Blueberry Muffin Cake. This recipe has three parts – the crumb layer, the cake layer, and the glaze layer. I followed the recipe for the most part, subbing half the white sugar with coconut sugar in both the crumb and cake layers. I also used almond milk which I brought last week  from Kenya and I added a little vanilla yogurt to make up the full quantity because almond milk is precious here – what’s available actually costs $20 for 750ml.  Lastly I used a bit of Kentaste Coconut Oil to complement the butter (most amazing coconut oil I’ve used – off a spoon it tastes like toasted coconut flakes and works wonderfully in stir fries, baking, salad dressing, and my housemate claims its her favourite hair product).

As I mentioned, I was using frozen blueberries which I let sit out for a bit before folding into the cake batter. They probably could have been left fully frozen, but the juice from the defrosting blueberries gave me a purple swirl in my cake batter.

For this recipe everything can be done by hand – meaning you don’t need any electric mixer – a simple bowl and fork will do the trick. Don’t be scared by the fact that the original author used a springform pan, which many budget/travel kitchens don’t have.  You can bake this in whatever kind of pan you have – for mine I used an 8.5″ silicone square.

The verdict? All the blueberry deprived WFP staff loved it!



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