This morning’s meal is a hybrid of a recipe from a fellow Canadian food blogger, Cookin Canuck, combined with a baked eggs recipe I’ve come to call my own as I can’t remember where I got it.

Making use of my new ramekins, I sautéed some red onion (didn’t have yellow/white) and put them in the bottom of the ramekins, topped with some vegetable pasta sauce I had on hand.

Then, as per the Cookin Canuck Sweet Potato Hash recipe, I grated a sweet potato, sautéed this with a little salt and pepper, garlic and nutmeg, and then I put this on top of the onion/pasta sauce in the ramekins, making a little nest for the next part: an egg!  I sprinkled on a little paprika and a little more pepper and popped them in the oven at 190c (375f) for about 12 minutes. Just before I took them out I put a bit of parmesan cheese on top which melted in nicely.

Now, just to mention that I used the South Sudan style sweet potatoes, which are more starchy and a less sweet than the ones you typically find in North America – and they’re white! Honestly I’m not even sure they’re sweet potatoes, but the market lady says they are so who am I to argue?




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